ENG M 300 Multi Rip saw
    ENG M300 Is SAGA's Engineer grade series with clear feature of Stable Easy and high performance and Innovative design.

    ENG M300 Multi Rip Saw

    Grand new Eng M300 Is based on SAGA traditional M300 which is clear featured by stable runing, heavy duty easy to use and maintain

    the new model is a innovative and all detail quality is upgrade, it may be the right quality you are looking for with super good perfomance

    and value ration.

    Max 300mm effective cutting width, 80mm cutting height, max 18m/min powerful fast cuting, industrial multi rip saw for wood plank cutting,

    industrial 60mm diameter spindle reflex a very heavy duty machine, max 10 blade can be install for super efficient work.


    Powrful Sharpen teeth feeding rollers with

    pneumaticpressure to ensure a very smooth


    Max 10 pcs of blade can be install for extremly

    efficiency, max cutting thickness up to 80mm

    Unti kick back teeth for extremly

    safe for the user

    Hard Chrome treated feeding table for

    a smooth feeding and unti rust

    60mm saw spindle arbor reflex its born for

    heavy duty industrial work

    Max 22kW sawing motor gives a very

    powerful cutting

    Big Safe cover with 2 pcs of dust

    collection mouth

    Dust collection under the machine is

    critical for a dust free work


    Max cutting thickness 80mm
    Effective cutting width 300mm
    Max balde numbers 10pcs
    Saw spindle arbor diameter 60mm
    Feeding speed 0-12m/min variable
    Thickness setting Flexible and easy manual setting
    Pressure of rollers Pneumatic
    Diameter of blade 305mm
    Power of machine 15/22kW
    Dust collection 110mm
    Size of machine 1400*1150*1450mm
    Weight 850kgs

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    ENG M300 Multi rip saw

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