Professa T45 sliding table saw
    A saw with future technology, high premium panel cutting, king precision optimized cutting

    SAGAMAC Professa/Eng T45 Sliding table saw

    -The saw comes from the future

    From 2019, we planed to make a high premium saw which got advanced technology and a super smooth using experience, in our mind, a sliding table saw can be like any other CNC machine which can set all at a interface without tedious manual adjusting of rulers and fence, and certainly the blade raise, tilting also can be numerical set and all with high precision, away from the tolerance or error caused by manual setting, and apart from all those, it should be still as flexible to use as like a manual saw, the technology only to make all convenient rather that bring complex. So after 4 years of gradually development, SAGAMAC T45 born, with all the function we expected, but keep a very heavy duty and logic design of mechanical, it should be firstly stable and heavy duty can meet common extreme conditions and let user feel confidence about it, SAGAMAC T45 Series saw, may be the right saw you are looking for.

    Finally you need a good saw like this-

    T45 Computer controlled Sliding table saw, from the first looking, it is a very large and heavy saw, indeed, it is, more than 1Ton Weight, makes it work very stable, solid cast iron saw mechanical system greatly reduce the vibration and makes it running super quiet.

    3200optional 3800mmLarge length table, 430mm width large width, double layer strength designed with building metal bar, with any position quick lock system to stop the sliding table for handling material or do maintain of machine. Rip cutting capacity up to 1300mm or even larger. Special strengthen design of machine body and arms, all meets or over than any international industry saw.

    Except the CNC controlled rip fence, the T45 Professa model ( even the cross cutting ruler is servo motor driven ) makes all setting electrical, user can set all measurements on a touching computer interface, and certainly it can equipped with optimized cutting software and got G code printing function. The cross cutting ruler for Professa T45 is a very unique design which is not commonly seen at the saw at the market. This technology we call it-Dual liner accuracy tech, makes this saw a style of its own.

    Industrial computer control

    High lights of machine

    Dual linear accuracy technology cross cutting ruler, if required measurements more than half of material, we prefer to use cross cutting ruler

    Professa T45 cross cutting ruler is double servo control gives you a high precision cutting length away from tedious manual setting

    Servo motor drive rip fence up to 1280mm max cutting width(other width need customized).

    Double layer professional 430mm heavy duty sliding table

    Any position quick lock of sliding table

    Professional industrial heavy duty saw system, solid cast irion vibration free

    Suppotive feeding rollers for easy loading and protect the surface of material

    Metal support arm rather than aluminum gives a so stable supportive even at far length

    Strengthen side tables design to max 400kgs loading capacity

    Industry touching scren windows programe, on time program for cutting optional optimized cutting software, accept universal format documents, connecting by USB, internet SAGAMAC Master cut program 2D or 3D immitation, software drive the cross ruler or rip fence to move automatically at automatic model, with printing function

    Zoom in and out function laser to pretect the eye and adjust length of laser line
    Very useful for defect cutting, ripping and also make cutting safe tells where the blade is

    Printing function for G code and information can be editable (may be different style printer with real machine) Scanning function for G-code to read information of panel(realy delivery may be different brand or style)


    Max cutting thickness 210mm
    Blade size 280-600mm
    Max cutting width 3200/3670/3800mm
    Power of main saw 5.5/7.5kW
    Speed of main saw 4000/5000rpm
    Speed of scoring saw 8200ropm

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    Professa sliding table saw

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