Shall I buy sliding table saw or beam saw?

How can I decide to buy a beam saw or a sliding table saw?

If you are do woodworking and chose a saw, those 2 different saw but same function will come out and how we chose it

1 If you are doing bulk production especially like standard production like office furniture or other standard size furniture or

cabinet, then beam saw may be a good choice, it can load more layers like 4-5 pcs of board and cut in very efficient way.

2 If you are more focus on customized design or production, certainly a sliding table saw is more flexible to use.

3 Even for bulk production some factories still need at least 1 or several sliding table saw panel saws to do some small parts or very small quantity parts, easy set and quick cut to asist the other bulk production work.

4 If you have a work shop or a woodworking enthusiasts, certainly a sliding table is more cost reasonable and more flexible, in addition some functions like blade tilting which can cut 45 degree or some ruler angle function to cut geometric shape as well as grooving work, is certainly bring more choice to meet your unique design.

If there is a combination of fast set and with some automatic control and more precise cutting which makes unique design work more quick to cut? Professa T45 with both rip fence and ruler electrical control with optimized cutting software may be this kind and provide an extra choice to the markets

Dual linear accurat electrical ruler Electrical rip fence

Optimized cutting software: type in the size length and width of material need, the system will make a calculation about how to save material and how to makes cutting easy, also can use internet or usb to download already finish files from international optimized design software.

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