SAGA is loacted at Shude Foshan China, this is a small town which focus on woodworking machinery, thousands of woodworking machine factory here, SAGA is the top woodworking machinery manuafacture, we mainy focus on 2 majors and with its brands by:

“3” means 3 times efficience, is SAGA's factory focus on door processing machine like pass through type door 4 edge cutting and sizing machine, door lock and hinge cnc, as well as edge banding machine, nesting cnc center, also product like automation material loading and stacking, conveyors belts and roller plants to help customer upgrade single machine to automatic lines.

Is a innovative series of SAGA which features by innovative, high performance but very affordable price, so that to help various customer and enterprise to enjoy good machine with less investments, this series including sliding table saw, four side planer, jointer or thickness planer, multi rip saw, there will be 

more members joints this family in the future. 

Engineer with more than 20 years experience, 10's of patents and CE certification. SAGA with its passion for woodworking, innovative designs, strict control on quality, brings you excellent using experience, joint SAGA-unique performance, great service!

SAGA keeping on developing woodworking machinery with Chinese new technology.
Independent R & D team
Optimized solution
High quality products
Sellected good quality machine manufacture team, mostly have nearly 2-30 years experience for serviing cutomer global.

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